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Yellow Color - Ceramics Marker DIY Porcelain Painter Pens Drawing

Yellow Color - Ceramics Marker DIY Porcelain Painter Pens Drawing



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Yellow Color Porcelain Painter Pen
Make your own original items by simply drawing on ceramics.
Twin type markers, with both thin and thick tips.

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What is Porcelain Art?
Everyone can draw something on white porcelain with paints only for pottery and fire it in the kiln to make living ceramics. We recommend highly it good dilettante life for common people and children as it would be grafted to work of art. It has been entrenched domestically as interesting one in art as the characteristic desire of design has increased. They may feel great sense of accomplishment as especially they can make work by themselves and moreover the process of works would throw out worldly thoughts and settle depression as well as stress which can decorate life with abundance and value.

KOBARU Ceramic Markers
Kobaru ceramic markers doesn’t make splash of paint as it is pen type and it is easy for children to hold it by hand so that they can sketch something without special lesson. It has the merit that they would make ceramics for living tableware by firing them in home oven for only twenty minutes while another ones have to be fired for a long time in the kiln. The ceramic pen has been certified that ceramics painted with the pen are not harmful to body as tableware in home.
Make your own original items by simply drawing on ceramics, glass or fine metals, and baking them in the oven. Perfect for presents and also great for adding a unique touch to personalize small items and accessories or plates and dishes.

Work Process
• Wash clearly pottery products including mug cup and dry them. Draw design thereon after being dried them completely. If you want to paint over after initial painting, do it after completion of drying of them.
• Dry ink and fire it in oven.
Set 230℃ → heating time 20 minutes
Set 200℃ → heating time 25 minutes
Preheat oven surely and use it.
• After completion of firing ceramic in oven, leave it therein for more than one hour to cool down completely. Pick it out thereafter and leave it for more than one hour on the spot to fix ink.
• Wash lightly mug cup and ceramic products completed before using.

1. Lay down surely pen on side to keep. Ink would be dried.
2. As the ink has the character of being dried quickly, please close the lid certainly after use.
3. If the ink is stained with clothes or fabrics, remove it quickly with water. (As time passes, it might not be removed.)
4. Color of design would be changed slightly after completion of firing.
5. Please don’t make heating to the products to cook, if possible.
6. Ink is not permanent. It would be taken off in some circumstances.

※ Package included : 1 X Ceramic Marker Yellow Color

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