For deliveries to Worldwide, primarily uses
Standard Int'l Shipping (International Parcel Air Mail) and EMS (Express Mail Service).

1) Standard Int'l Shipping (Up to 2kg per package)
Limited Track & Trace Results (Delivery Time : 10 - 30 business days / Processing Time : 1 - 2 business days)
Please note : For packages posted via Registered Airmail, limited track and trace results are available. Some destination posts do not offer online results for Registered Airmail Mode. Addressee may call up their Post Office to check on status.

2) EMS (Express Mail Service) (Up to 30kg per package)
Delivery Time : 5 - 7 business days / Processing Time : 1 - 2 business days
Please, be aware that delays in customs are becoming increasingly common. Packages may take longer to get to international destinations, and unfortunately we cannot control or prevent this type of delay.

3) USP Premium Express Mail Service
Delivery Time : 3 - 7 business days / Processing Time : 1 - 2 business days
Please, Contact Us.


• Tracking numbers are provided for all shipments.
• Depending on your order destination, we may also select from a pool of couriers to provide the most suitable delivery service for your specific order.
• will use its discretion to determine the best courier for each order, and reserves the right to change couriers without prior notice.

• TAX, Customs Fee may occur in Germany, UK and other countries.
• We are not responsible for taxes, customs fees or other charges.
• Gift Card - Delivered via email


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