Basic Camping Equipment

Basic Camping Equipment

Basic Camping Equipment, In order to enjoy pleasurable camping, people need a certain set of provisions basically including sleeping bag, light, and cooking facility for food. The auto-camping, having the vehicle by itself, may be furnished with chairs, tables and sorts additionally. The typical camping equipment list is shown below.

01. Tent (For summer)
Mostly living under tarp in summer for camping, the appropriate sizes of tents and dome type tents are mostly used for convenience of installation and removing. It is also necessary to consider the complication of installing large size tent at those places like natural recreation forests.

02. Tent (For winter)
For winter season camping, the provisions for kitchen and living room spaces as well as the heating facility are necessary inside tent, which are often called as the ‘Living Room Tent’. The Living Room Tent is quite useful for camping all year round as long as no space limit in installing tent exists.


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